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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> next line item, please. >> line item six. vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussion on item five held in closed session, administrative cold 78.12 a action. >> do i have a motion. >> motion. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> i move that we adjourn in honor of officer james richard 4064 star number and stewart star number 538, do i have a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> and adjourned. >> motion to adjourn?
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>> so moved. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you. >>easier. >> do you know know your greg
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giving hurts from your wifi you may think that computers are kufz but when you know what you need it gets easier. a computer is made up of many different parts and each part as a specific job the k public works u is the brains of the compute. it's where all the work is done. current computers have multiple coarse it means it has multiple k public works ushthss working together as one. it hold all the information in the ram or hard or hard drive. it's the short time working memory for the computer interest it stores information while the computer is on >> the k f u is banning
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information backyard between the ram and the faster your programs are going to be run. if the hard drive can be cared the long-term america and you, store documents and movies >> the internal hard drives allow you to expand the hard drives. once you get on line with your expenditure it rewards or requires wifi and it allows you to connect without wiser the internet you have to have wiersz. the touch pad is how you send messages to the computer. the part of the computer is the
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o s is the operating systems. there are multiple operating systems available bus the most importantly is making astonish and windows. the major dividends can be boiled down to purchase. and making astonish is the programs you'll notice when you go do into the story e store they're more expensive they have you video editing and puc's towards office use and gaming things like that >> all those exponent are what you said into 3 general models the desktop the laptop and the tablet. the desktop is the home computer that you are desktops are good because their lower costs the downside once set up they can't
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go anywhere >> it's not something you're going to move around the other consideration is the screen side are you can have a larger laptop. a laptop is a potential computer and all the exponents are combined in a smaller passage. the laptop you can take to school and it's mobile. >> the laptop can travel with you but you should carefully consider how much travel you're going to do. >> the laptop are heavy they can have higher revolution if you want something small and a light hallway the table is new thank you it's lighter and has
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longer battery life. >> tablets are powerful but their abilities are more limited than the laptop and their nor for the internet or watching videos and laptops over word progressing and typing documents and using spreadsheets things like that. >> to figure out what expenditure is a good fit for you, you need to plan on what you want to do. >> there's a lot of things like e-mail and skype and being on facebook in fact, by you see seniors who are creating websites and doing graft design and having photograph. >> what programs will you be using or are you a casual suffer would you like to take it with
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you around town. >> it's great typing short e-mails by nothing extensive on a be tabltd. >> i need to be able to buy a good all around desk for $400 but if you very specific he needs the cost can go up. you want 2 gig hurts and at least 4 gigs of ram. those store your videos and documents. if you're looking for a laptop try them out in the store as they have any touch pads >> there are different types of of mouse's and there's voice activation. >> once you have an idea of
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what you need be sure to shop aaron and compare on line and look at the mustards website for refurnished computers that come with a warrant. and they offer computers for much, much less. purchasing a computer should not be securey you can slejtd/select a system that can get you
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city of san francisco >> >> government audit and oversight committee. >> good morning, this meeting will come to order. this is the regular meeting of the government audit and oversight committee. i'm supervisor breed, chair of the meeting and to my right is supervisor katie tang and supervisor
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chiu will join us shortly. i would like to thank jeff larson and jennifer lowe from sfgtv. >> do we have any announcements? >> city clerk: yes. please shutdown any electronic devices. any speaker cards shall be submitted to the clerk. items will be listed on the agenda. >> madam clerk, please call the first item. city clerk: agenda[collective bargaining agreement, arbitration award - international brotherhood of electrical workers, local 6 - fy2013-2014]1400321.sponsor: mayorordinance adopting and implementing the arbitration award amending amendment no. 2 to the 2012-2014 collective bargaining agreement between the city and county of san francisco and the international brotherhood of electrical workers, local 6, by implementing special terms and conditions of city clerk: sf 11234 >> >> >> okay. we are martin grand the employer relations director who is going to present on this item? >> yes. good morning supervisors and to the chair i'm martin grand employee relation for the department
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of human resources. this is for the last bargaining unit for 2012. it involves powerhouse operators and hetch hetchy and involves very complicated staffing patterns that we felt needed to be addressed off cycle and we had negotiations which ended up in arbitration. these involve powerhouse arbitrators and these are the employees whose job it is to safely load high voltage power into the state's electrical grid. it involves delivers power to the city and this power runs our muni system and provides electricity to most of all of our city buildings. the changes required that you see in the amendment stem from regulations adopted by the
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regulatory agency, the north american electrical reliability association. at this has recommended training in excess prior levels and requires the city and union to negotiate new staffing levels which would allow for the training to be done on straight time rather than an over time basis. we have and arbitration award by the city by the controller's costing document that was finalized yesterday. on one side the union ends up with the training requirement document in the collective bargaining agreement and for the city's perspective, the public utilities commission commission is a 5-day schedule than a 7-day schedule and
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this allows us to do the training on the straight time rather than over time and over to one of the powerhouses. i think it's a win win for both parties even though it was a long adversarial task and we bring you with an award for the center. >> thank you. is there anyone from puc here today that wants to make any comments about this item? >> i think we have the puc standing by. do you want to say anything at all. >> sorry. you have a question. >> i know you alluded to this. what are the cost savings achieved not only for this